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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Do you love reading? Here is another short story written by Destiny Festus titled once upon a horror story.

Chinyere said goodbye to her parents before boarding the uber she ordered.. "ka a o di" she waved to her aunty.  "be careful o" her aunt warned o. "you know these days, report of kidnapped women have increased". Her aunt warned. Chinyere nodded. The idea of her being kidnapped sounded ludicrous. She had 99 problems to worry about and being kidnapped wasn't one of them.
She positioned in the back seat. She put her seat belt on. The drive was fine. There was no heavy traffic at all.
"What's your name ma?. The designated driver interrupted her thoughts." "chinyere " she was prude. "And unless there is an important message you want to pass across, please let this ride be swift" she added. The driver didn't turn back. He smiled. Within minutes she had dozed off.
He took a left turn and another right turn that led into the Bush path. The same path he had taken the women before her. Rude and rich women of society who felt they could look down on poor men like him. He felt like a superman for poor people. Collecting rude women, kidnapping them, raping them, cutting their fingers little by little before slitting off their throats. Chinyere was going to be no exception. He would play with her longer, he thought. After all, she was beautiful and fair.
She was starting to wake up now and her eyes were not adjusting to the Bush path in front of her.
"stupid ignoramus" she tugged at his shirt.  "is this the way to SURULERE ?".
He Brought out his gun and pointed it to her head. "If you want to live longer, stay quiet". These icy words came out from his mouth while he smiled at her. She was dumb. She opened her mouth, but the organs for speech production failed to give way. Minutes later they arrived at a mudtached building. Inside, chinyere saw the bodies of women before her. once vibrant glowing women with skin now laid lifeless on the floor. There was a pool of blood everywhere. Probably from women who had resisted or tried to escape. Weeks later, when the police would find this location, chinyere body is found on the floor. Piled on top of other dead bodies. From the scars she bore, she was raped multiple times, missing eight fingers with an open throat.

Written by Festus Obehi Destiny.
Once upon an horror story.

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