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Friday, November 23, 2018

I lay on my bed by Destiny Festus.

I lay on my bed. Drained of all emotions and glad cells. The sun that kisses me once now burns my skin. I'm high on drugs and overdosed on the pills of sadness. My tears are overshed. Now scars are left of the wounds that once bled.
I lay still on my bed. Drained of sweet pictures and blessed thoughts. The bed that once gave me comfort has grown deep horns. Now I bleed on all sides, turning to and fro to accommodate more slash and scars. Now my smile reveals deep wounds. I see with bulging eyes. I'm left with bruised feet that have thread on the mountains of curses. I write that rotten fingers that the fangs of sadness has sucked.
I lay on my bed. Earpiece on my ears, blocking out word and worlds, accepting the irony of my happy ending.
Written by Festus Obehi Destiny.
Sad Jane.
Hugs and eyes 👀

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