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Friday, November 22, 2019

Empty hands of my future written by Festus Destiny Obehi.

A man once asked me "What does the future hold for my country "
I said "The hands of the future is empty and it holds nothing for my country"
In  my country,
Our soles have fewer holes than our souls.
Our faith authors our fate.
The poor eat dust, the rich bite bread.
We plead and  throw stones, we receive bullets as answers.
When we complain, we are offered a soothing permanent silence.
Children have started counting bullets in the place of alphabets.
The church receives alms and take from the poor.
Politics is a siren and the masses swim in the pool of delusion. The poor pray at the altar of broken oaths.
Teenagers are buried under the sands of depression.
Girls misinterpret ecstasy for happiness. You can see them at long street at night, selling their womanhood to the highest bidder. They stand at the edge of attention and hope to attract the center.
The throat of tradition is held underwater by the stiff neck of neo-colonialism.
Morality stands appalled as the youth fight injustice with the lens of their smartphones.
The women carry protruded bellies with empty wombs.
The men walk naked. they do not guard their phallus against sight. it hides in their brain.
In my country,
Our waist jingles to tunes of empty sounds.
Mediocrity is exalted and ignorance is the national anthem.
The eyes of justice are in the pockets of corruption.
So when you ask me about the future I want. do i laugh? because the words to describe it has not yet been invented. How can I see what the future holds when  the hands of present are empty?
written by Festus, Obehi Destiny.
The empty hands of my future.

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