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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Teni got dragged by Online Feminists for her tweet.

"Case and Billionaire" crooner, Teni got dragged on Twitter by Feminists who got offended by her tweet which made 7 hours ago.

Here's what she tweeted that got lots of Twitter Feminists angry: "Y'all are Feminists till it is time to bend on one knee to ask a man to marry you! 
Aren't we equal?" 

Twitter Feminists dragged Teni for that tweet above👆

The first Twitter feminist tweeted. 
Tomi Peperenpe tweeted: "Lmfaooo Teni please stick to being a billionaire and leave intellectual conversations."
 Another Feminist dragged Teni. She tweeted: "Teni is not attacked cause she wants women to kneel and propose to me. She's stupid and being told so cause she's legit saying feminism has a connection with her stupid thought. 
What has that bleh she tweeted got to do with feminism? 
She had better focused on eating."

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