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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Wife pours hot oil at her husband's back for suspected infidelity.

This incident was narrated by the victim's friend, whose name is mr. Chinonso Chibuogwe. According to Chinonso, he was in his house when his friend, who happens to be the victim called him up so late at night. Michael Amajuoyi(The victim) picked up his phone and called his friend to come to his rescue after being poured hot oil by his wife on the ground of "SUSPECTED INFIDELITY". This incident happened in Owerri, Imo state. 

Mr. Chinonso rushed to his friend's house. He got to his friend's house at exactly 1:30am. That same midnight, he rushed his friend to Chibuzo hospital, where he was placed in an emergency ward. Mr. Chinonso went back to his friend's house to ask his wife what had happened. Michael's wife humbly answered his question. According to Warri(the victim's wife), she told mr. Chinonso that her husband came back from work, he rushed to the bathroom to bathe. While he was having his bath, a message came into her husband's phone. She picked up his phone to check the message. The message reads: "Thanks dear for the new phone, it was really my dream phone for a long time. Goodnight, take care."

When her husband got out of the bathroom, she didn't ask him anything. She immediately suspected her husband was cheating on her. Warri(the victim's wife) went into the kitchen, boiled hot oil, poured the hot oil into a stainless basin, she walked into the room and poured the hot oil at her husband's back. 

When mr. Chinonso went back to the hospital, his friend told him that he would divorce his wife if he eventually survives the attack. 

Warri's photo👇
The victim's back👇

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