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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

'Brymo raped me' - Young lady recounts her ordeal with Brymo.

A young Nigerian lady has recounted her ordeal with singer, Brymo. According to the lady, she claimed that she had been raped by Brymo - Ara crooner.

According to the lady, she said that she and her friend paid Brymo a visit but before she visited him with her friend, she had taken permission from him and he agreed. 

She continued by saying that when she and her friend were at Brymo's, they were gisting, laughing and sipping wine out of their glass cups. While doing all those aforementioned, Brymo started touching her friend in an inappropriate manner and she rebuked him from continuing. 
She continued again by saying that after rebuking Brymo from touching her friend, she picked up her phone to order a ride(Taxify). While ordering for a ride back home, Brymo told her to stay back for a quick discussion - Of course, she agreed.

Her friend went out of the house, and she and Brymo were left alone. Brymo walked up to her and called her stupid. He scolded her for being stupid by inviting another person - But Brymo knew she would be coming to his place with another person.

Brymo later revealed why he had asked her to wait behind and the reason was because he was horny and needed sexual satisfaction. According to the young lady, she said she knew that Brymo won't let her go just like that without satisfying him sexually. In the end, she succumbed and slept with Brymo.
The young lady's statement below 👇

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