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Thursday, June 25, 2020

(Video) Details of Hushpuppi fraudulent activities.

The details of Hushpuppi fraudulent activities have fully been revealed today by Dubai Media Office.

According to DMO, it revealed that Hushpuppi, Woodberry and eight other scammers were involved in a 1.6billion Dirhams scam. Hushpuppi and his crew members were closely monitored for four months by Dubai E-Police. They were monitoring his social media activities.

"Hushpuppi and his crew members were known for creating fake pages for existing people websites in order to redirect victims' payments to their own accounts," DMO reporter said.

"Before their arrest, Abbas Raymond(Hushpuppi) and his crew members were responsible for scams amounting to 1.6billion Dirhams. In the operation, police were also able to seize items worth more than 150million Dirhams," Dubai Media Office reporter said.

Video below 👇

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