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Sunday, July 12, 2020

"Regina Daniels was a virgin when I met her" - Ned Nwoko reveals

Politician and lawyer, Ned Nwoko has revealed in an interview with The Punch that his newest wife, actress Regina Daniels was a virgin when he met and married her.

He discusses about his intentions of opening a university, which will mostly focus on Sports and technology in Nigeria. He opened up on his relationship with Regina's father. 

Interview below:
The Punch: You got married to a popular actress, Regina Daniels, why her?

Ned Nwoko: Why not Regina? I met her, I didn't even know who she was because I don't watch movies, whether British, Nigerian or American. Also, I am not a social media person. Up until that time, I didn't have Facebook or Instagram accounts. So, I didn't know about Regina until she came to my house with her family on a tour. My house in the village (Aniocha North Local Government Area, Delta State) is a tourist attraction of sorts. 
I liked her when I saw her, especially when I found out she was from that place. I had always wanted to have somebody (a wife) from my side. We are introduced to each other and one thing led to another. That was when I found out she is a decent girl. I have always said that I wouldn't marry anyone who isn't a virgin and that's very important to me, It reinforced my decision to marry her. I married all my wives as virgins. 

The Punch: There were reports that her father opposed your marriage to her. Is that true? 

Ned Nwoko: When I met her, I didn't meet herr father and she never spoke about him. I was made to understand that she and her mother had been estranged from him since she (Regina) was six years old. However, I have always tried to make her understand that at some point, she should try to reach out to her father. I will also try to do that and I am hopeful that we would succeed in no time. 

The Punch: Some people are sacred of marrying actresses because they feel they are in the Public eye. What convinced you to take that decision? 

Ned Nwoko: At her age and with her popularity, she was very decent and she is still the same. She is a homely person that loves being with her family life and she is not the party type. 

The Punch: Some Nigerians talked about your age disparity between both of you. Did that bother you? 

Ned Nwoko: Age doesn't matter; it is only in one's mind. As long as somebody is an adult, age is never an issue in anything I do.

Read full interview Here

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