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Sunday, July 12, 2020

WATCH: Don Jazzy in an emotional entanglement with Rihanna.

Nigerian music producer and CEO of MAVIN record label, Don Jazzy has found himself in an emotional entanglement with R'n'B singer, Rihanna.

Jazzy shows his emotional entanglement to Rihanna in Mr. Macaroni's comedy skit. In the comedy skit, Don Jazzy acts as a fiance to Mr. Macaroni's daughter, Motunde.

Don Jazzy and Motunde visited his soon-to be father-in-law, Mr. Maraconi. Jazzy is warmly welcomed by Macaroni and he feels excited seeing his daughter's fiance; but the excitement begins to fade away when Don Jazzy falls into an emotional entanglement with Rihanna's portrait.

From the comedy skit, one can actually tell that it is Mr. Macaroni's portrait hanging on the wall but due to the power of "Entanglement", Don Jazzy allows his emotions get over him and he begins to see Rihanna in the portrait instead of father-in-law. 

Don Jazzy continues as he gets up and moves to the portrait . He touches the portrait in a romantic way and he begins to sing a song for it (envisions Rihanna).

He was brought back to his senses as Mr. Macaroni beats him severally at his back. Macaroni queries him on why he was romancing his portrait and singing for Rihanna. 

Don Jazzy answers by telling his soon-to-be father-in-law that Rihanna is the girl he used to love. 

Watch the video. 

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