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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

LAYCON: A strong, smiling and enduring King even though his genotype is SC

You can call Laycon anything you want but you can't take the fact that he's a true definition of a strong, smiling and happy King, who endures so much even in his pains. 

Nigerians and Africans have just found out that Laycon's genotype is SC (Sickle Cell) after his conversations with Mr. MatchMaker (Tha Mentalist) in 2017 were revealed yesterday. 

In the conversations with Tha Mentalist, Laycon revealed to him that his genotype is SC. Tha Mentalist, who had no clear understanding of what SC means asked Laycon to explain more and he did. 

Laycon explains: "SC is a genotype. It's pretty rare. 
The most common types are the AA, AS, SS genotype. 
But there are also AC, SC AND CC genotype. 
All AA, AS, AC are strong genotypes. 

He continued: "But SS, SC, CC aren't... They are poor. 
However SS is worse. 
I don't know much about CC since I haven't had any reason to find out about it.
But SC is more like a carrier of Sickle Cell but in most of them the Sickle Cells are dormant unlike SS where they are active. 
Most SC people rarely experience the symptoms that SS people experience.
However close to 20 per cent of SC individuals experience it. 
I'm not one of those 20 per cents.... I'm perfectly healthy and I've never experienced symptoms of Sickle Cell and neither have I been treated for it."

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