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Sunday, September 27, 2020

South African man takes his mother out of a shack as he builds her a mansion

A South African farmer, Michael Boshielo, has done what every responsible and reasonable child would do for his/her parents. Michael has just proved he's an amazing father, husband and son. 

Taking to his Twitter page, Michael Boshielo shared two photos; one showing his mother's hut and the other one showing the beautiful mansion he had built for his mother. 

"Mom I'm not educated as you wished. But this is my little present to you. As I promised I will never forget where I come from. 
#PutSouthAfricaFirst," Michael tweeted. 

After sharing the photos, his followers began to congratulate him but a curious fan asked him why he made the first statement, which read, "I'm not so educated."

Michael replied the curious follower as he briefly explained why he made such statement. Michael explained that his mother had always believed he would get a good education but he didn't. For this reason, he believes he has let her down. 

Conversations below:
Thabo: "Congrats bro but why "I'm not so educated" and that also appears in your profile? 
Education is not everything in life, I feel like you are beating yourself over nothing. 
What matters most is that all the odds against you, you have made it! 
You learnt, worked hard and made it."

Michael Boshielo replied: "She always hope I will get a good education and I feel I let her down on that department."

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