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Monday, September 28, 2020

(Video) Nigerians react to Jaruma's Kayanmata video

Nigerian sex therapist, Jaruma, has broken the internet, especially the internet for Twitter users after her Kayanmata video went viral yesterday.

In the video, Jaruma is seen with her customer as she perfoms with Kayanmata around her customer's private part. Jaruma begins to explain what Kayanmata is used for. According to her, Kayanmata is originated from the Northern part of Nigeria. It's an enhancer for sex or love making.

Jaruma also explained why women experience "dryness in their vaginas." According to her, smoking of shisha and cigarette can cause dryness in women's private parts.

After seeing the video, Nigerians took to their social media platforms; Twitter and Instagram to pen their opinions. Some of the opinions were brutal, while some were out of shock.

Jaruma's video:

Nigerians' reactions:

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