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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Nigerian beautician reveals why she hates Oshodi with passion

Nigerian beautician, HaYoMiDe, has revealed why she hates Lagos with passion, especially a particular place known as, Oshodi. 

Almost everyone hates Oshodi, aside from those who grew up there or probably lives there. Oshodi is one of the most rowdy places in Lagos. Should we talk about the pushing? 

Taking to her Twitter page, Ayomide, says she hates Lagos, especially Oshodi due to the sexual embarrassment or harassment she received when she visited there with mother. 

From her tweet, one could tell how disgusted she felt after her last encounter in Oshodi. In her tweet, she revealed how an unidentified man looked into her eyes just to tell some nasty words in the presence of her mother. 

"I swear I hate Lagos especially Oshodi. 
How can you just look at me and tell "THIS GIRL WILL LIKE D**K" in front of my mum," HaYoMiDe tweeted. 

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