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Monday, October 26, 2020

(Video) Bovi drops perfect satiric comedy skit on Prof. Pondei's stolen fund drama

Nigerian comedian, Abovi Ugboma, popularly known as, Bovi, has dropped another satiric comedy skit on Prof. Pondei's stolen fund saga, which happened on the 20th of July 2020. 

Remember who Prof. Kemebradikumo Daniel Pondei is? He is the chairman of NDDC (Niger Delta Development Commission), alongside Godswill Akpabio, who were called by the lawmakers of the House of Representatives for public hearing on how the N81 billion given to the agency was spent.

During the questioning period, Prof. Pondei collapsed, and it resulted into serious drama and chaotic moment amongst the members of the House of Representatives in July. 

Now, that's the drama Bovi is showing in his new comedy skit. Bovi, plays the role of Nigeria's President with a name known as, President Frank Whyte. 

In the new comedy skit, Bovi's aides came to his office to tell him how the chairman of NDC (Northern Development Commission), the secretary and clerk were found guilty of stealing public fund of N90 billion within six months.

President Frank Whyte (Bovi) orders his aides to inform the chairman of NDC to present himself to him for questioning. In the end, the chairman arrived at President Frank's office where he was being questioned.

In the process, the chairman of NDC acted just like Prof. Pondei, who became unconscious immediately. President Frank got up from his seat with anger and gave the chairman a tight slap. 

Video below: Stolen Fund (Banana Republic) by Bovi

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