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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

(Video) Broda Shaggi kicks against looting in form of protest in his new comedy skit

Nigerian comedian, Broda Shaggi, has kicked against looting in form of protest in this new comedy skit. Currently in Nigeria, many looters are going into shops owned by their fellow citizens to loot their goods.

Now, Broda Shaggi is kicking against such ridiculous and inhumane act in his new comedy skit. In the video, Broda Shaggi is seen as walks down the streets to get his cellphone from where he was charging it at Mr./Baba NEPA's house.

While walking down the streets, looters are seen carrying goods they've looted from a warehouse on their heads and hands. One of the looters mistakenly bumps into Broda Shaggi and his shoulder got affected a little bit.

While Shaggi complains about his shoulder being affected, a friend of his and a looter, Gaaga sees him and stops. In the process, they both asked each other where they were headed. 

Shaggi tells Gaaga where he's going and Gaaga tells Shaggi that he had just returned from a warehouse where he looted goods/items, such as: Motorcycle, television and Air conditioner.

Shaggi, who was astonished, remained speechless for a few seconds before Gaaga received a phone call from his brother; who delivered a terrible news to him about their mother's shop being looted.
Continue in the video below. 

Video below: 

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