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Friday, October 23, 2020

(Video) How to prepare Rich Bitter Leaf soup/Ofe Onugbu by Ezinne

Nigerian and Igbo food vlogger, Ezinne, has returned after two weeks. In the video, she didn't state why she was away but she thanked her fellow food vloggers who reached out to her via telephone calls. 

This time, Ezinne is teaching us how to prepare Rich Bitter Leaf soup, also known as, Ofe Onugbu (in Igbo). In the video, Ezinne showed us the cool but quite long process on how to prepare Ofe Onugbu. 

Bitter Leaf soup or Ofe Onugbu is a popular Nigerian soup, mostly eaten by Igbos, especially people from Anambra State. It goes well with Fufu, Eba, Semovita or any kind of swallow. 

Ingredients used:
1. Cow foot/feet
2. Cow ribs
3. Seasoning cubes
4. Stock fish 
5. Crayfish 
6. Bitter leaf 
7. Ogili Igbo
8. Cocoyam
9. Palm nut cream/palm oil
10. Dried fish 
11. Yellow pepper 
12. Salt
13. Chopped onions 
14. Ponmo/Cow skin 
15. Water

Video: Rich Bitter Leaf soup or Ofe Onugbu by Ezinne's kitchen

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