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Saturday, October 31, 2020

(Video) Learn how to make Bean Flour/powder at home by Rozy

Food vlogger, LifeWithRozy, has released another great recipe on how to prepare Beans flour or powder.

In the video, Rozy took us through an easy way you can make Beans flour or powder at home. Beans flour is used for bean balls (Akara) and Beans cake (moi-moi).

Ingredient used:
1. Black Eyed Peas
1. Transfer the beans into a bigger bowl.
2. Add water to cover the beans.
3. Cover and leave it to soak for one hour.
4. Use food processor to break the beans a little.
5. Separate the skin from the beans.
6. Put it inside a tray and spread it out.
7. Dry the beans under the sun.
8. Transfer the dried beans into a blender and blend into powder.


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