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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Actress, Rahama Sadau to appear in Shariah Court over blasphemy allegation on Prophet Muhammad

An acclaimed lawyer, Mallam Lawal Moh'D Gusau, has taken up the case of Nollywood/Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadau. According to his letter or statement, it states Rahama's racy outfit had provoked a blasphemy words at Prophet Muhammad. 

According to Lawal's second letter, the lawyer who would defend Rahama in Sharia Court must be a Muslim by faith. She will be charged to Shariah Court to battle the allegations of blasphemy on Prophet Muhammad with her lawyers. 

The letter reads:
In response to the report by BBC Hausa transmitted on the 7th day of November, 2020 that Rahama Sadau is due to arrive to Kaduna, Nigeria with her lawyers to defend herself on the allegation of the blasphemy labeled against her, she should note the followings:
1. Her Lawyers must be Muslim by faith. This is predicted on the fact that it is only a Muslim lawyer that can understand the proceedings of Shariah Court. It is a matter relating to Hadiths of the prophet and Glorious Holy Qu'an and not a matter relating to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 
2. The police should only observe their constitutional role of conveying her to Islamic Shariah Court after conducting duscret investigation of the case in issue. 
3. Renowned Islamic Scholars like Sheikh (Dr.) Ahmed Mahmuod Gumi, Kaduna, Sheikh Ahmed BUK from Kano State, Sheikh Kabir Haruna Gombe from Gombe State, Sheikh Nura Khalil (Digital) from Abuja and Sheikh Ali Isa Fantami (Hon. Minister of Communication) will be the Ulamas that will give Islamic interpretation with regards to the blasphemy on the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)..."

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