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Monday, November 2, 2020

(Video) Everybody wants some palliatives from President Frank in a new comedy skit on Banana Republic

Another exciting episode of the Banana Republic is here and this time, it focuses on "Palliatives." Palliatives have become the most talked-about word, especially in Nigeria now.

In the new comedy skit, everyone is seen and heard as they come before President Frank (Bovi) to ask for palliatives; from his sidechick to his workers (aides).

Episode 9 on the Banana Republic kicks off from the scene of President Frank, his sidechick; Elaine and Elaine's friend (Angel). President Bovi asks Elaine a few questions but refuses to respond as Angel becomes her mouth earpiece. 

After much forming, Elaine finally tells President Frank that she wants her own palliatives even though he had already sent her allowance for the month. President Frank eventually succumbs to her request and promises to send her the sum of N2M and N500K to her friend, Angel. 

Elaine and her friend left the President's office. A few seconds later, President Frank's aides and P.A (Personal Assistant) enter his office and suggest he gives some palliatives to his online community (people in his country/citizens of a particular country). 

Mr. President agrees to their suggestions but their main request/suggestion finally unfolds as his worker asked for their own palliatives. President Frank tells them, he won't give them any palliatives but a loan; which they will pay back with their salaries. 

Aide 2 becomes a bit nosy with his statement and it immediately pissed off President Frank, who in return gave him a sack letter. In the end, his Aides and P.A return to plead on behalf of Aide 2 for his nosy statement. President Frank, who claims to be kindhearted finally forgives his Aide 2 and revokes his sack letter. 

Video below:

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