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Thursday, November 12, 2020

(Video) Learn how to make Yam Pottage and Pepper Sauce/

Nigerian food vlogger, Sisi Jemimah, is back again with another exciting recipe episode. This time, she's teaching us how to prepare or make Yam Pottage and Pepper Sauce or Asaro and Ata Dindin. 

In the video, Sisi Jemimah took us through a step by step process on how to prepare Asaro and Ata Dindin. Yam Pottage and Pepper Sauce goes well with chilled water or soft drink. 

Ingredients used:
1. Tuber medium size puna/white yam 
2. Palm oil and vegetable oil
3. Red Bell pepper 
4. Paprika pepper 
5. Can plum tomatoes 
6. Big onion
7. Scotch bonnet (Atarodo)
8. Chili peppers
9. Ground crayfish 
10. Salt
11. Chicken or beef seasoning 

Pepper ingredients:
1. Grilled meats
2. Paprika pepper 
3. Bell peppers (Tatashe) 
4. Stock cubes
5. Chilli peppers 
6. Scotch bonnets 
7. Onion
8. Palm oil and vegetable oil 
9. Crayfish powder 

Video below:

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