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Monday, November 30, 2020

(Video) President Frank's sidechicks at war for domination in a new comedy skit

Nigerian comedian, Abovi Ugboma, popularly known as, Bovi, has dropped a new comedy skit. His new comedy skit features, his wife, his aides, his P.A and his two sidechicks (Elaine and the Special Adviser) on The Banana Republic (Season 2; episode 3).

In the new comedy skit, President Frank is seen with his so-called Special Adviser and his aides at his office. His Special Adviser begins by giving President Frank's some advice on having a data base for secondary school students in the country. 

Her piece of advice seems not to go well with his aides but President Frank is adamant about it. He sheepishly agrees with the advice of his so-called sidechick in guise of a Special Adviser.

In another scene, President Frank's wife (The First Lady), enters his office to confront him on his decision on having a so-called Special Adviser. His wife then tells him to sack the Special Adviser. President Frank refuses and it immediately results into a fight, which gets separated by his aides.

President Frank's aides make a plan on how to get the so-called Special Adviser sacked. The plan was carried out by the female aide. In another scene, the female aide calls President Frank's first sidechick, Elaine. During their conversation, the female aide stirs up a nasty conversation, thereby, stylishly informing Elaine about the Special Adviser. 

Out of jealousy, Elaine, arrives at President Frank's office with a threat, urging him to sack the so-called Special Adviser. In the end, the sidechicks confront each other but didn't end well. Guess it would in the next episode.

Video below:

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