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Monday, November 9, 2020

(Video) A smart 21st century kid deals with Barrister Mike in a new comedy skit

Nigerian comedian, Barrister Mike Sani, popularly known as, McLively, has returned with a new comedy skit. His new comedy skit features mummy junior and her son, Junior.

In the new comedy skit, Barrister Mike is seen at Mummy Junior's house as she gives him orders on what to do while she's away for two hours. Barrister Mike agrees to abide and carry out the orders properly but he failed in the end.

Immediately Mummy Junior leaves the house, Barrister Mike takes over like a tyrant ready to maltreat his fellow citizens. He tells Junior to get his assignment, which he obliged as he enters his room to get his laptop for his homework. Barrister Sani sees him with a laptop and asks him what he wants to do with a laptop. Junior tells him that his laptop will be where his assignment will be written. 

Barrister Mike slams him for his answer. A few seconds, he asks Junior 'where his food is' and he answers him by telling him that he's not hungry. Barrister Mike gets irritated at his response and then scolds him. Finally, Junior brings his plate of jollof rice to him. He tries to feed Junior but refuses to eat because he isn't famished.

In the end, Mummy Junior returns with her son standing close to her while Barrister Mike is seen sleeping on the couch. He finally wakes up and conversations on how he had failed to take care of her son began. Barrister Mike lies about everything but Junior tackles him as he mentions everything he did while his mother was away. Junior's mum tells Barrister Mike that she will get the truth from the CCTV in the house. Out of fear, he tries to run but was stopped by Junior; a smart and intelligent 21st kid.

Video below:

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