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Sunday, November 8, 2020

(Videos) The guy who pulled Ginimbi out his car explains what happened at the scene of the accident

Yesterday was indeed a sad day for Zimbabweans after losing one of their celebrities, Genius Ginimbi Kadungure. Genius was one of the most popular Zimbabwean celebrities. His fame reached some many countries in Africa.

According to reports, Genius, his twofemale friends (Mimi and Alichia Adams), and one male friend were returning from a birthday party when they met with a tragic car accident, which killed them. According to the guy who pulled Ginimbi out of his Rolls Royce, he says the two girls and the guy were burnt to ashes due to their inability to pull them out of the car.

An eyewitness and the guy who teamed up with two other people has come out to explain what he witnessed at the scene of the auto crash. The guy said he, a close friend and a security officer helped pull Ginimbi out of his car. The incident happened in Harare, (capital city of Zimbabwe). 

In his words:
"The three of us just quickly ran, managed to break his door open. We pulled him down, he was still alive, then there is a girl in the passenger's seat. She was screaming for help.
So, we were trying our best to break the seat belt but we couldn't. 
When the officer that was helping us got burnt in his hand but managed to step back. 
As soon as we stepped back after few minutes, the car exploded. 
So when the car exploded, the other three in the car died because we couldn't manage to take them out because of the explosion that had happened..."

Here is a video of Ginimbi, Mimi (the celebrant), Alichia Adams and the other lady of their last moments:

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