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Saturday, December 26, 2020

A MUST WATCH: Mr Maraconi drops new comedy skit addressing domestic violence in marriage

Nigerian comedian, Debo 'Mr. Macaroni' Adedayo, has dropped a comedy skit, titled, Boxing Day. This new comedy addresses the effects and disadvantages of encouraging domestic violence, especially in marriage.

In his new comedy skit, Femi (Mr Maraconi's neighbour) is seen arguing with his wife (Hadiza) on how the type of dress she wore. Hadiza tells Femi that there's nothing wrong with her dress but Femi disagrees. While arguing with each other, Femi begins to beat his wife.

Daddy Wa (Mr. Macaroni) and Mummy Wa come to Femi's compound to check if there's a problem between Femi and Hadiza. Hadiza covers up the sustained injuries on her face with her husband's sunglasses.

After a long conversation between the two families, Femi tells Daddy Wa and Mummy Wa to mind their business. Daddy Wa leaves but his wife stayed behind but got poured water on by Femi.

In another scene, Femi is seen as he takes care of the wounds on Hadiza's face while pleading for mercy. Hadiza eventually forgives him until a she received a phone call. Femi gets jealous and begins to question her. She explains to Femi who the guy she spoke to via phone is.

Femi gets angry as he begins to beat/hit his wife again. This time, he goes straight for her neck which led to her death. In another scene, Femi pays a visit to Daddy Wa's house. Daddy Wa sees him and begins to sympathise with him on the death of his wife. Femi leaves Daddy Wa in a great shock as he tells him that he's getting married soon just five months his wife passed away. 

Moral lessons:
1. Couples in abusive marriages should always learn to speak up.
2. Couples shouldn't take domestic violence lightly.
3. Shun any form of domestic violence in your marriage; either emotionally, physically, sexually, etc.

Video below:

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