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Saturday, December 19, 2020

Nigerians debate seriously on the name of this large reptile

Nigerians are seriously debating on the name of the reptile you see down in the picture. Most Nigerians have penned down what they feel or think will be the name of the animal.

Taking to her Twitter page, Denike Olori, shared photos of the reptile/large lizard which was killed around her. According to her, she says her brother won't stop arguing about the name of the large lizard. Her tweet shows that she and her brother have been debating on the name of the large reptile. 

She then took to her social media platform (Twitter) to ask the opinions of Nigerians. Nigerians under her comment section began to pen their opinions. Here are the names Nigerians called it:

1. Atan. 
2. Lacoste (a popular designer brand). 
3. Kimodo dragon. 
4. Monitor lizard. 
5. Lizard that joined armed force, lol. 
6. Wall gecko. 
7. Dinosaur. 
8. Nile Monitor Lizard - Correct. 
9. Low key crocodile. 
10. Alligator. 
11. Chicken. 
12. Iguana. 

According to our investigation, the name of the large reptile in the picture above is called a 'Nile Monitor Lizard.' Nile Monitor Lizards are usually found in the Sub-sharan region of Africa. It's less harmful or dangerous to human beings. 

"Who knows the name of this animal abeg? Mt brother won't stop arguing," she tweeted. 

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