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Sunday, December 13, 2020

'God No be SARS' - Nigerians react to Catholic priest ordained with dreadlocks in Canada

Mixed reactions have been going on after photos of a Catholic Priest who got ordained with his dreadlocks in Canada went viral on all social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook especially).

Taking to his Twitter page, Mr Obi (Obi Of Onitsha) shared photos of Rev. Leander/Leandre Syriex/Syrieix, a priest who got ordained by the Catholic Diocese of Canada with his dreadlocks. Mr. Obi took to his Twitter page to ask the opinions of Nigerians about how they feel seeing a priest being ordained with dreadlocks. 

"A young man was ordained a Catholic priest with dread locks in Canada.. What's your view?" - Obi tweeted. 

Nigerians have taken to their various Twitter pages to pen their opinions, read their opinions below:

"What has his hair got to do with heart or spirit. He looks good in the dread," Gesare Chife tweeted. 

"He's a J Raster Fried Rice, 'fried rice' for short," Wesville tweeted. 

"Dreadlocks have got nothing to do with pastoral calling," Dom Caulker tweeted. 

"It's sad that the way one's dressed determines how one's addressed. If it doesn't matter, then the habit should not. Matter for monks, nuns and priests. Even the chasuble he's putting on does not matter since it's the heart that matters," Oliver Uja Tweeted. 

" This is not right. We Catholics preach decency not to talk of a priest," Amhanosi tweeted. 

"So because he has dread his indecent!!! Aunty keep quiet abeg, your no different from SARS," Assistant Boiflen tweeted. 

Other reactions from Nigerians:

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