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Saturday, December 12, 2020

(Video) 10 things you shouldn't do on a table during a dinner date by Winnie

Nigerian food vlogger, Winnie Emmanuel of the Zeelicious Foods, has dropped a new video but this time on how to be classy on a table during dinner date or restaurant hangout.

In the video, Winnie showed us 10 + one bonus things one shouldn't do at all on a table during in house, restaurant and dinner dates.

Here they are perfect table manners or etiquettes to observed during dinner date:
1. Don't place your bags or purses on the table - it applies to both men and women. Place your bag on the other empty chair or place your bag at the back of your seat.

2. Sit in an upright position. Don't rest your back on the chair.

3. Don't shout or scream the name of the waiter to bring the menu. Establish an eye contact with the waiter.

4. Close the menu and drop it on the table after ordering. Don't shout the name of the waiter again after ordering.

5. Put all phones away/ no phones should be on the table. It's totally rude/shows lack of etiquette.

6. Don't apply makeup on the table, especially for the ladies.

7. Get up, say excuse me please I will be right back and walk out quietly to the restroom. Don't mention the toilet, it could disgust your date.

8. Sneeze and yawn quietly or in polite manner with making it look obvious.

9. Close your mouth when picking food from your teeth.

10. Be polite to everyone, including: the gateman or security man, the waiter, cleaners, etc.

Bonus: Establish an eye contact when requesting the bill. Put the tip in the booklet the bill came in. Don't give the tip to the waiter openly, it's totally rude.

Video below:

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