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Friday, December 25, 2020

(Video) Impostor Broda Shaggi and friends kill themselves on Christmas day in a new comedy skit

Nigerian comedian, Samuel A. Perry, popularly known as, Broda Shaggi, has dropped a new comedy skit, titled, Jingle Bell. His new comedy skit features, Gaga (his friend), Officer Woos and Small Stout.

In the new comedy skit, Shaggi is seen as he complains about the 2020. He complains how the year started rough and ended rough due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He then begins to ask his friends (Woos and Stout) where they will be spending their Christmas holiday. 

Officer Woos says he would have spent his with his late mother as he begins to feel emotional. Shaggi tackles him for being emotional as he tells him that his mother had died years ago. Small Stout says he will be spending his at his girlfriend's house, Amaka. Shaggi attacks him for saying he will be spending his Xmas in a woman's house.

Gaga pays Shaggi a visit as he tells him he needs help. Shaggi, immediately thinks it's monetary help. He begins to tell Gaga that he has no money and he hasn't eaten since five days. Officer Woos joins as he tells Gaga he hasn't eaten for one week. Stout completes their exaggerations as he tells Gaga he hasn't eaten for two weeks. 

Gaga tells them that he's not here for that kind of help. He only needs a pair of boots to entertain a kid as a father Christmas or Santa Claus. Shaggi tells Woos to get the pair of boots for Gaga. Gaga tells Shaggi and his friends that he will give them N3k in return for their help. 

Woos brings the boot and hands it over to Shaggi, who immediately hands over to Gaga. He promises to add N500 to the N3K he had promised to give Shaggi and his friends. Gaga leaves. Shaggi plots with his friends on how they will kidnap Gaga. 

In another scene, Gaga was successfully kidnapped by Shaggi and his friends. His hands get tied and his clothes taken off but left with his boxers only. Shaggi and his friends finally find their way to the house of the kid Gaga was going to entertain. 

Long story cut short, the kid's mother; Omo Butty (Nigerian actress) calls her husband to come home with soldiers because she believes the imposter (Shaggi) isn't Gaga. Finally, her husband and the soldiers arrive to get Shaggi and his friends arrested. Out of fear, they twist their necks. 

Video below:

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