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Monday, December 7, 2020

(Video) Kunle's mechanic unintentionally sets him up in a new comedy skit

Nigerian comedianne, Apaokagi Maryam, popularly known as, Taaooma, has dropped a new comedy skit, titled, Daddy Needs A New Mechanic. Her comedy skit features; her dad (Kunle), family's mechanic (Femi) and her mother; Ronke.  

In the new comedy skit, Kunle is seen standing and waiting by the roadside after his car had broken down due to poor/faulty brake pad. He then sees his mechanic, Femi coming and urges him to walk fast. 

Femi finally reaches Kunle and they begin to discuss. He begins to attack Femi on why he was walking like a pregnant woman (sluggishly). Femi explains and tells Kunle that mechanic job is stressful. Kunle, the good Samaritan, gives Femi an energy drink - Predator Energy Drink to energise him. 

While Femi was sipping the energy drink, Kunle tells him to help him phone his wife because his battery was low. Femi dials his wife's (Ronke) number but forgot the call has been connected to Ronke.

Kunle (a chronic womaniser) sees a pretty lady walking down the road and he immediately calls her. The lady meets Kunle and he begins to woo her with some sweet words. Unknowing to him, his wife was listening to his conversation with the lady because Femi forgot to disconnect the call. 

Suspense!! Watch the video below for more:

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