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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

(Video) Mr. Macaroni tests and enjoys the sweetness of sexual harassment in a new comedy skit

Nigerian comedian, Mr. Macaroni, has dropped a new comedy skit, titled, 'Are you not a man.' His comedy skit is romantic but has a great moral lesson. His comedy skit features, his daughter (Motunde), two of her friends and their home staff (Korexx - Ajayi Akorede).

In the new comedy skit, Motunde and her two friends are seen in the living room discussing about the popular hair weavon, known as, Bone Straight Hair. Motunde's friend tells them that she bought the hair from Nonny's/Nonnys hair brand.

Korexx (staff) comes in to see his boss, Mr. Macaroni. He then asks Motunde about the whereabout of his boss, which he was given the right response. While walking to meet his boss, Motunde's friend sexually harasses him by tapping his buttocks.

Out of discomfort, Korexx tackles Motunde's friend for sexually harassing him. Not quite long, Mr. Macaroni joins them and Korexx begins to narrate his encounter with Motunde's friend.

Mr. Macaroni begins to educate them a bit on sexual harassment. He also tells them that men can also face sexual harassment. Motunde's friends tend an apology to Korexx. Mr. Macaroni chases his daughter and then tells her friends to show him how they sexually harassed Korexx and they obliged. 

Video below:

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