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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

(Video) Officer Woos chooses a woman over his onions business in a new comedy skit

Nigerian comedian, Officer Woos, has dropped a new comedy skit, titled, Onion Heist. Heist simply means 'robbery.' In the comedy skit, Officer Woos acts as an onion seller.

In the new comedy skit, Officer Woos, is seen at the side of the street selling his onions loaded in a big basket. He begins to praise his onions by saying the onions were imported from The US, China, etc. 

A flashback happens where Officer Woos was with Iyaoloja (the woman who gave him the onions to sell). Iyaloja tells him that the onions are worth N450K and if he sells them well, his profit will be N50K. Woos agrees that he will sell the onions well.

Present Day Scene: Officer Woos continues to advertise his wares and a lady approaches him by pretending she wants to buy onions from him. Her real intention was to distract him so that her gang will steal the onions. This new comedy skit is satirical - it ridicules the scarcity of onions/onion in Nigeria.

Woos gets distracted as he begins to pay attention to the beautiful criminal lady. He starts teasing and wooing her and she pretends that she's feeling him. From nowhere, Sharon's gang member, Small, smartly steals Woos' purse as planned.

In an attempt to get his purse back, Woos begins to chase after the young boy. Eventually, he catches him and asks him why he had stole his purse. Small tells him he acted base on instruction. 

Woos remembers his onions, leaves his purse and runs back to his selling point but unfortunately, the onions in the basket were gone. He begins to think about his life and how Iyaloja will kill him like she killed her former seller. 

Video below:

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