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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

GIRL POWER: Unizik MBBS graduate becomes Overall Best Student with 11 Honours

Dr. Hyacinth Winifred/Winfred Ugochinyere, popularly known as, Dr. Winnyboo Hyacinth, is a typical example of "Girl Power" and "Beauty with brain." She's broken good records as a graduate of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) from Nnamdi Azikiwe University (Unizik). 

Taking to her Twitter page, Dr. Hyacinth, shared her achievements on social media. Nigerians are currently hailing her for winning 11 honours with an award for "Overall Best Student."

According to her, she says she has made her mother proud. Which mother wouldn't be proud of her daughter's/son's achievement? This is a huge achievement for her and her family. She also revealed that her mother cried after witnessing her achievements. 

"Made my momma so proud she cried! 
Mission accomplished," she tweeted. 

Honours/ Awards List:
1. Best Student in 2nd MBBS: Hyacinth Winifred Ugochinyere 
2. Best Student in 3rd MBBS: Hyacinth Winifred Ugochinyere 
3. Best Student in 5th MBBS: Hyacinth Winifred Ugochinyere 
4. Overall Best Student: Hyacinth Winifred Ugochinyere 
5. Prof. F.E Emele Prize for Best Student In Pathology: Hyacinth Winifred Ugochinyere 
6. Prof. Joseph Ikechebelu Prize Best Student In Obstetrics And Gynaecology: Hyacinth Winifred Ugochinyere 
7. Dr. Dozie Ikedife Medal For The Overall Best Student: Hyacinth Winifred Ugochinyere 
8. Chicason Prize For Best Student In Opthalmology: Hyacinth Winifred Ugochinyere 
9. Prof. J.K.C Emejulu For Best Student In Surgery: Hyacinth Winifred Ugochinyere 
10. Dr. Echee Adinma Prize For Best Female Student
11. Opthalmological Society Of Nigeria Prize For The Best Student In Opthalmology: Dr. Hyacinth Winifred Ugochinyere 

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