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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Popular decorator, Melly in love with a married man, Lekan Ibrahim

Popular Instagram Home Essential Vendor, Emelda Obichie, popularly known as, Melly_O, has been caught red-handed by an investigative journalist, Gist Merchant.

According to GIST MERCHANT, Melly_O is in love with her longtime financier, Lekan Ibrahim. According to reports, Lekan Ibrahim is a married man with a beautiful son. His wife is also a Muslim and a former staff of Fidelity Bank PlC.

Narrating the full gist, GistMerchant revealed:
"It's raining married men and lagos girls are not smiling as they are out in full force with their buckets, fetching and harvesting them.
Your favourite home essential vendor Emelda Obichie AKA Melly has taken someo of the bedsheets she sells, pitched her tent and in the process of building a home with her long term financier Lekan Ibrahim. Lekan is married with a beautiful son and his wife, a former fidelity bank staff who has her own event decor business is devastated by this relationship between Lekan and Melly as she has been with him from day zero, through their university, hustling together before finally making it. Yes they are muslim but Islam made it clear that a man can take more wives if he can treat them equally. This is not to be so in many ways. For one, he got melly her 40M naira range rover 2019 while his wife drives a highlander. He bought her the flat she currently lives in, 14 birkin bags, several luxury watches and bracelets and her shop at road 14. He got a house at oniru for her which they will be moving into. The house has an indoor pool and perfectly okay yet melly spent millions pulling out the kitchen etc and replacing with high end ones. All these while the wife is struggling.

"Melly have succeeded in estranging him from his family and friends as he walks aways from any meeting that will talk about melly, stating he is too deep to pull out of the relationship. He doesnt sleep at home anymore and she hired a fitness trainer to help him lose weight to her taste. Lekan is only 37 years old and this behaviour is typical of new money. Men that stumble on immense wealth and suddenly cant seem to act right. They now believe a more chic and seemingly hotter babe is the answer. His wife only got to know about them last year august when Melly unashamedly threw him a party.
Lekan and his wife( who i will not be posting her name, business or images) struggled with conception and it was while she went to US to deliver their son 3 years ago that he met Melly and since then, he has been bleeding money. Its Melly’s turn trying to concieve as she was spotted at the olive branch fertility clinic lekki.
Life is fleeting."

GistMerchant revealed again:
"Melly Melly.
Your head is strong to be honest. This time around you picked the right man with the right type of docile wife. Its not today you started going after rich married men. Right from your unilag days when you used to roll with Shade Ajayi them, na small thing remain make King Saheed Elegusi’s elder sister sacrifice you to the gods when you were messing with her husband Elele. You ran for your dear life. Lekan’s wife no sabi road to the supernatural, na your luck be that.
Abi na make i talk about the source of the millions of dollars lekan hammered and spending on you since, maybe they go come carry am and everywhere go dry."

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