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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Reactions after American guy reveals he's in love with his sister

Incest isn't a new thing. It's an old sexual way for most people. Muslims don't see anything wrong with incest. According to a few Muslims, it's acceptable to have an affair with distant cousins. 

Taking to his Twitter page, OhtaniWrld (Nick Fire Maddon), tweeted what caused serious uproars on Twitter. Alot of people started reacting after he made his tweet. 

His Tweet immediately suggested that he was dating his biological/blood sister. According to reports, OhtaniWrld is from Alabama, United States of America. According to reports, most people in Alabama don't see incest as a bad thing or something immoral. 

"Siblings by chance, lovers by choice," OhtaniWrld tweeted. After receiving huge backlashes, he took to his Twitter page to tweet that that isn't his sister and incest is disgusting. 

"She's not my sister and incest is disgusting okay," he tweeted. Reactions from the world on his Twitter page below:

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