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Saturday, January 16, 2021

(Video) Ambush, COVID and Pandemic kidnap Officer Woos and Small Stout in a new comedy skit

Nigerian comedians, Officer Woos and Small Stout, have dropped a new comedy skit, titled, Pursuit (Action Film - Episode 79). Their new comedy skit features: Official Jango and others.

In the new comedy skit, Small Stout (Nkubi), Adey and Officer Woos are seen sitting on a pavement in a quiet street as they discuss. While discussing, they see two beautiful ladies walking down the street.

Before Small Stout and Adey could look at Woos' direction, he was already discussing with the ladies. Small Stout and Adey stand up as they draw close to listen to Woos' conversation with the ladies.

Woos begins to woo the ladies with sweet words. The ladies begin to play along until they lost their cool. The lady in white then asks Woos for N3K airtime. Woos gets disappointed as he asks the lady 'if she wants to make international call' - in a sarcastic way. In the end, the ladies insult Woos and walk away; which resulted into laughter for Small Stout and Adey Wealth.

Small Stout, Woos and Adey see a car driving fast. They try to start the car but the speed of the Toyota Corolla is too much for them to control. They dive away to save themselves from being knocked down by the car.

Another car is seen running in high speed and they try to stop the car; unfortunately the car belongs to policemen. Their signals attract the police officers and it made them stop. The long and short of this scene, the head of the police force orders Small Stout, Woos and Adey to get into the car as they drive off to catch the thieves.

The thieves get to a particular spot, get off the car and run to an undisclosed area. The police officers arrive at the spot the thieves parked their car. The head of the police spreads his team but asks Officer Adey to stay back. As the police officers go in search of the thieves, Adey runs away.

While searching to arrest the thieves, Woos and Small Stout get to a point and begin to plot how to escape. After plotting how to escape, they begin to move gradually but get into the hands of the armed robbers; Ambush, Covid and Pandemic.

Video below:

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