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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

(Video) Brobouche stylishly exposes his customer's cheating wife in a new comedy skit

Nigerian comedian, BroBouche Comics, has dropped a new comedy skit, titled, Wahala Wear Bone Straight Hair. His new comedy skit features: Actress Bimbo Thomas, Big Sam (Sam Olatunji) and Chimezie Imo.

In his new comedy skit, Bimbo and her houseboy, Donald (Chimezie Imo) are seen kissing and romancing each other. Brobouche stands in a corner as he looks at them doing their thing. Bimbo and Donald see Brobouche and suddenly become perplexed.

His customer's wife begins to beg him not to reveal anything but Brobouche says he didn't see them doing anything. In another scene, Bimbo, entertains barber Brobouche with good food, such as: Amala, Ewedu and goat meat (Ogufe/Ogbufe) and Jollof Rice, Turkey and alcoholic drink (Hennessy). She offered him such food as a way to bribe him to keep quiet.

Brobouche enjoys himself as he eats good food. Bimbo comes again to ask Brobouche for his account number. At first, he feels reluctant but later gives in as Bimbo begs him for his account details. She eventually sends him the sum of N100K as a way to bribe him.

Brobouche's customer and Bimbo's husband, Big Sam, enters and sees Brobouche eating in his house. He teases him by asking him a funny question. When Big Sam settles in his seat, Brobouche begins to show him different hairstyles for men. The big problem begins as Big Sam swipes the photo and sees his wife and his houseboy kissing. Watch the video below for more.

Video below:

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