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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

(Video) Broda Shaggi's manhood disappears for being rude in a new comedy skit

Nigerian comedian, Samuel A. Perry, popularly known as, Broda Shaggi, has dropped a new comedy skit, titled, "My Penisula." His new comedy skit is interesting and intriguing.

In his new comedy skit, Broda Shaggi is seen calling names of areas he and his driver will be heading. He acts as a bus conductor in this new comedy skit. 

He begins to shout places, such as: Sabo, Onikan, Yaba, Unilag, Oyinbo. A passenger tells him to move and pick other passengers on the road to avoid delaying them. Broda Shaggi faces the young guy as he begins to insult him.

Other passengers run towards the bus and only a lady entered. The other guy couldn't because he had N1000 in his hand and Shaggi has already told him that he has no balance for the N1000. The young guy leaves.

A native doctor, who happens to be a student of Unilag, runs to board the bus; as he hurries to school for his examinations. The native doctor enters the bus and Shaggi tells him that the bus isn't heading towards Ibadan. The native doctor tells Shaggi that he knows.

Shaggi becomes unnecessarily rude to the native doctor. A female passenger in the back cautions Shaggi for insulting an elderly man. Shaggi slams her as he continues to tackle the herbalist.

The native doctor gets angry as he recites an incantation. After reciting the incantation, Shaggi's private part disappears. Shaggi notices it and begins to run around in fear and anxiety. He goes straight to his driver and asks him to come to a corner.

Shaggi runs to a corner and gets joined by his driver (his boss). The driver begins to ask him what has happened. Shaggi tells him that his "mmmmmm" (with demonstration) has disappeared. He continues as he tells him that he suspects the native doctor. Watch the video below for more. 

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