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Sunday, January 31, 2021

(Video) Iya Taao slaps Wizkid's lookalike in a new comedy skit

Nigerian comedianne, Apaokagi Maryam, popularly known as, Taaooma, has dropped a new comedy skit, titled, "When Your Mum Follows You To Return Something." Her comedy skit features, Wizkid's lookalike, Simeon Skye (Simi).

In the new comedy skit, Iya Taao is seen sitting outside the compound while waiting for Taao to do something for her. Eventually, Taao comes to her and willingly agrees to buy tomatoes and pepper for her from Mum Chinaza. Iya Taao gives her N1000 to buy the said foodstuff.

Taao's main intention of going to the market to buy tomatoes was because of Iya Chinaza's son. She leaves the compound to buy the aforementioned items. She reaches Mum Chinaza's shop but meets her son, who sells the tomatoes for her.

Tao didn't check the tomatoes because she was carried away by the cuteness of Iya Chinaza's son. She leaves the shop as she heads home. She enters her compound and shows her mother the tomatoes she bought. Her mother gets furious at the tomatoes Iya Chinaza's son sold for Taao. She begins to tackle Taao for being dumb to accept such tomatoes at the price of N1000.

Iya Taao and Taao leave the compound as they head straight to Iya Chinaza's shop to return the tomatoes. They reach and Iya Taao begins to attack Iya Chinaza's son for selling the tomatoes to her daughter for N1000. She then tells him to refund the money to her but he tells her that he can't because "they don't do refunds."

Simeon (Iya Chinaza's son) repeats the same statement and he receives dirty slap from Iya Taao. Watch the video below:

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