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Friday, January 15, 2021

(Video) McLively and Isbae U's comedy skit on cash or POS is a MUST WATCH

Nigerian comedian, Michael Sani, popularly known as, McLively, has teamed up with popular comedian, Isbae U on his new comedy skit. His new comedy skit features: Isbae, Arewu Johnson and Caroline Igben. The comedy skit is titled, 'Cash or POS?' 

In his new comedy skit, Barrister Sani is seen as his restaurant friend drags him out of his restaurant. His friend begins to plead with him to help him out in his restaurant. After much persuasion, Barrister Sani agrees. 

In another scene, Isbae U is seen as he begins to attack Barrister Sani on why he took him time to attend to him. Barrister Sani begins to plead with Isbae U as he keeps telling him 'I'm sorry.' After much argument, Isbae U calms down as he asks Barrister Mike for the cheapest food in the restaurant.

Barrister Mike tells Isbae that the cheapest food in the restaurant begins from N5K. He gets excited thinking it's an actual food until Barrister Sani tells him that the N5K is for water. Isbae screams which arrests the attention of other customers.

His girlfriend enters and they exchange greetings. Caroline (IsbaeU's girlfriend) calls the waiter, i.e Barrister Sani to bring the menu. He brings the menu and she picks 'Chicken back wings with Fried rice.' Isbae orders chicken and Jollof rice.

Off he goes and returns with the ordered food for his customers. Isbae tries to take his food first but gets blocked by Waiter Sani; who tells him 'Ladies first.' Barrister Sani tries to 'fall Isbae U's hands' as he brings the bill directly to him.

Isbae begins to beg Sani stylishly to pass the bill to his date but Sani seems not to agree. His girlfriend looks at them and tells Sani to give her the bill because she had already promised to pay. Watch the video below for more. 

Video below:

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