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Thursday, January 28, 2021

(Video) Twerker, Janemena and her husband win the Silhouette Challenge; A MUST WATCH

Nigerian Instagram Twerker, Usiwo Orezinena Plies, popularly known as, Janemena and her husband; Andre Plies, have shut down the internet and literally won the Silhouette Challenge. Silhouette challenge began on Tiktok and ended up on Instagram and Twitter. 

Silhouette Challenge begins when Paul Anka's song, "Put Your head on my Shoulder" (Released in 1987) is playing. The silhouette switch takes place when Doja Cats' song, "Streets" is played. The silhouette switch takes place under a red light display.

Most participants of the challenge are mostly African-American/Black American and African women. The challenge is about switching from one moment to another, just like Buss It Challenge.

Taking to her Instagram page, Janemena, shared a video of her and her husband participating in the Silhouette Challenge. In the video, she's seen dancing in a romantic way on her husband. 

What's Silhouette? - According to English Dictionary: "noun (plural silhouettes)
An illustrated outline filled in with a solid color(s), usually only black, and intended to represent the shape of an object without revealing any other visual details; a similar appearance produced when the object being viewed is situated in relative darkness with brighter lighting behind it; a profile portrait in black, such as a shadow appears to be.
verb (silhouettes, silhouetting; past and past participle silhouetted)
To represent by a silhouette; to project upon a background, so as to be like a silhouette."

Video below:

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