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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Nigerian man shares tips on how to pass American Visa interviews

A Nigerian man, Apoti Eri (MisterNigerD), has shared some tips and questions to expect while going for an American Visa interview. In his tweet, he says dressing has nothing to do with a person getting the VISA or not.

Taking to his Twitter page, Apoti, a Nigerian man based in the USA, shares tips on what to expect during an interview with a consular at the US embassy. The VISA tips he gave are specifically for students - those who applied for student's VISA.

In his tweet, he wrote:

"For those of you going to American embassy for your student visa interview , the KEY to passing is making sure you don’t give a reason for the consular to think you will be staying ! 
Here are some of the questions you’d be asked and how to answer them.

You may be asked what you gonna be doing during the holidays. DON'T ever say you’d be visiting a friend in a different state or whatever. Let the consular know you will be coming back home to spend it with your family. As you would have missed them.

ALWAYS have an answer to any question. Say something with CONFIDENCE. Consulars don’t know everything but looking to see if you are sure. They may ask about a topic in your field of study . Don’t be scared, put bunch of nonsense together if you are not sure.

People are mostly denied student visa cos they don’t establish enough ties to their home country. You will get questions like "what are you doing after you graduate." DONT say you will be trying to get a job abroad.
Say something like "my parents/guardian sending me to this school so I can hone my skills better, cos I will be taking over a leadership position as soon as I graduate in their company."

Your dressing has NOTHING to do with if you get a visa or not. Just be presentable . Look straight into the eyes of the consular . Smile and be cautious. Also have a knowledge of the school and the city. And why you chose that particular school. 
Remember , the primary objective is to continually show the consular you are not coming here to stay. Even if they ask to know if you’ve got family members here. Just say there is none that you know of. Don’t be bragging about an uncle you have in Chicago. Good luck! 
Raising hands. 

F-1 Visa is actually not that hard to get . Interview doesn’t take long and you know right there and there if you got it or not. Go with a mindset that you have NOTHING to lose . It helps with your confidence and makes you less nervous."

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