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Friday, February 12, 2021

Rapper, Illbliss expresses disgust with the discrimination amongst Igbos

Nigerian rapper, Illbliss, is currently disgusted with the discrimination amongst Igbos. Everyone practically know that some parts in Igboland don't like some part. We have heard sayings, such as: "If you see an Mbaise man and a snake, kill him first before Killing the snake."

Taking to his Twitter page, Illbliss (Ogaboss), revealed that he's disgusted with the discrimination amongst Igbo people. Anambrians will tell you that they can't marry someone from Imo State due to one nasty reason or the other.

Narrating his disgust, he tweeted:

"DONT You know they call us Wawa people? Keep away from him. He is not to be trusted. Imo and anambra people are dangerous. They almost stole our state. They think they are better than us. >>> Seeds of discord sown in so many. So much for being one Igbo.

"Had a friend growing up in enugu. We were close. He is from enugu state and I from imo although I was born and raised in enugu. One day I overheard his father (a man I had so much respect for) saying to him..." why are you friends with this boy?" Don't you knw they hate us?

"BOTTOM LINE... lets always see the big picture regarding being IGBO. Rally around each other as much as we can and show each other genuine love and support devoid of our states of origin. also share that love with every one else from other tribes. there is greater love in that."

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