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Friday, February 19, 2021

The main reason behind Cubana Chiefpriest and Obi Cubana quarrel REVEALED

The reason behind Obi Cubana and Cubana Chiefpriest bad blood has finally been revealed. According to a popular investigative blogger, Obi Cubana helped Cubana Chiefpriest with N20M he added to complete his night club. (Read More Here).

Taking to Instagram, a popular investigative blogger, Cutie Julls, revealed the main reason behind the quarrel between Obi Cubana and Cubana Chiefpriest. According to the blogger, the bad blood started after Chiefpriest assaulted a lady who works at a big drink company. 

Narrating the main gist, Cutie Julls wrote:

"Always looking for the smallest opportunity to shade Obi Cubana who did nothing but was good to him when his ass got to Nigeria from Malaysia with no money.. smh

Illiteracy is indeed a disease. All Obi did was that he told the police; "yes we will work with you all through".

Remember the last time CP beat up a lady at Cubana in Owerri? So when the police demanded for the cctv footage and CP lied to the police that there was no CCTV cameras at the particular spot where the incident happened? Which was a blunt lie. Even that, Obi did not tell the police that CP was lying. On a normal day now, he'll do worse things and Obi will always come to his aid, sort out the victims, the police etc and the case will just be trush out

But with this particular one, the lady was from a big drink company. Plus CP had no reason to hit the lady. He could have just asked the lady to leave which was even unproffessional. So Obi was just treading with caution. It's not like he was going to watch on for CP to get a capital punishment or even detained at the police station even tho CP was wrong.
CP started his tantrums cuz Obi did not just do the usual by settling the police when they came to question CP
Remember B4 this, Obi had given CP 20mil to support him when he said he needed to do some works at his house and his wife's bar. So after the police incident too when he left in anger thinking Obi will come and beg him to comw bk, Ned Okonkwo spoke Obi and Obi again gave CP money. Those were the monies he used to build his shrine. We shouldn't forget that while he was with Cubana, he was getting paid and also recievig other incentives so on a normal day, Obi was not obliged to be given him those huge sums for his projects. But Obi did anyway cuz he appreciates CP as a hardworker so took him as his brother and wanted to see him do well also.

So what's all these shading for? If Obi was selfish and didn't want to see CP succeed, he wouldn't have done all that for him. Even when some companies did not want to work with CP after his fall out with Obi cuz their loyalty lies with Obi. Obi kicked against it and said they should keep working with CP. Is Obi a bad person? Boy."

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