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Friday, February 12, 2021

(Video) Ada Jesus turns Broda Shaggi to an egg in a new comedy skit

Nigerian comedian, Samuel A. Perry, popularly known as, Broda Shaggi, has dropped a new comedy skit, titled, "Ada Jesus turns Broda Shaggi To An Egg." His new comedy skit features popular comedianne, Ada Jesus.

In the new comedy skit, Shaggi's friend is seen discussing with Chizoba (Chisoba) about Mama MD-MD; that's Ada Jesus. He is seen telling Chisoba about how Ada Jesus makes people run mad if they fail to do what she tells them; especially in the aspects of running errands or house chores.

Broda Shaggi comes as he sees his friend discussing with Chisoba. Shaggi begins to think that his friend was trying to woo Chisoba. In the end, Chisoba leaves after Shaggi tried to shoot his shot at her. After Chisoba leaves, his friend begins to discuss Ada Jesus with Shaggi. Shaggi says he doesn't believe Ada Jesus has such powers to make people run mad. 

While discussing, Shaggi's friend in the hood, sees him and the other guy, and tells them that policemen are arresting young guys. Shaggi and his friend run for their dear lives. Unfortunately, Shaggi runs into Ada Jesus' compound while she was fetching water from a tap outside. Ada Jesus sees Shaggi and tells him to carry her water.

At first, Shaggi was reluctant as he challenged her, until Ada Jesus' neighbour passed and greeted her as she mentioned her name. Shaggi becomes scared immediately as he agrees to carry the bucket of water. Policemen rush into Ada Jesus' compound to arrest Shaggi but a little quarrel broke out. Due to the quarrel between Ada Jesus and the policemen, she angrily turns one of the policemen to a local hand fan.

She commands the other policemen to carry her bucket of water. While leaving, Shaggi begins to thank God for saving him from the hands of policemen. Watch the video below for more. 

Video below:

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