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Thursday, February 18, 2021

(Video) Officer Woos runs for his life after meeting a skeleton in form of a lady in a new comedy skit

Nigerian comedian, Officer Woos, has dropped a new comedy skit, titled, "Officer Woos versus/vs Runs girl." His new comedy skit features, Sir Balo and an up and coming actress.

In the new comedy skit, Sir Balo and Officer Woos are seen at a restaurant discussing. Officer Woos tells Sir Balo that he wants to go into crude oil business but he needs only N20K for capital. Sir Balo begins to tell Officer Woos that he can't start such business with that amount of money. 

While discussing, a lady drinking Smirn Off Ice, begins to distract Officer Woos with some seductive moves. The lady stylishly moves to where Officer Woos is sitting as they both exchange contacts and hookup point at a hotel.

While discussing with Sir Balo, Officer Woos excuses himself and he leaves to the hookup point to wait for the runs girl. The slay queen also leaves to meet Officer Woos in his hotel room. She gets to the doorstep, knocks and Officer Woos opens the door for her. 

She enters and continues her seductive moves. Both of them get on the bed but the lady tells Officer Woos to have a shower. He obeys. After having a cool bath, Officer Woos, gets back to business with the runs girl. He then tells the girl that he also wants to see her naked body. 

The lady agrees but has an hidden motive/ulterior motive. She tells Officer Woos to close his eyes while she takes off her dress. Long story cut short, the slay queen changes into a skeleton - a demonic creature. Officer Woos opens his eyes, sees the ridiculous transformation and he takes to his heels.

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