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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Nigerian man who raped a girl pleads for her forgiveness publicly

A Nigerian man who raped a lady with his gang, has publicly pleaded for his victim's forgiveness. According to the story that took place in 2020, Ujunwa Olivia was a 16-year-old girl, who was brutally raped by 5 guys at the University. One of her rapists, Donkelly Onyeka, has publicly asked for her forgiveness.

Taking to his Facebook page (now deleted), Donkelly Onyeka, pleaded for Ujunwa's forgiveness after raping her in her anus with his fellow cultists. He didn't only publicly beg for her forgiveness but also sent her a friend request on Facebook.

In Donkelly's post, he revealed that three (3) out of the 5-gang that raped Ujunwa have died mysteriously. He also revealed that he's currently suffering for his sins. Narrating his story, he wrote:

"Since last year when I discovered her on Facebook, my life has not been the same. My family broke apart, my business scatter. I pray this open confession help me before I die. I did evil to a girl that did nothing to me and my friends.
We were five in number, I am the only person that enter her back. I am still hearing her shouting. I was the one inside before she now faint and we left her in the classroom.

After that we trace her and did it again two time after the first one. I keep seeing how you were running trying to escape but we catch up with you. I am sorry for what I did Uju please forgive me and have mercy on us. Three people have die since, left two of us.

I have been following your story and see how you struggle. I’m sorry Ujunwa I will reveal myself to you only if you are ready to forgive me. Believe me I have been paying for my evil since. I want peace that is why I am confessing here. To er is human, to forgive is divine."

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