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Monday, March 15, 2021

Terrified lion climbs up a tree after being chased by buffaloes in Kenya

While growing up, we were told that lions are the "Kings of the jungle." What happened to a lion at a National Park in Kenya is making us have a rethink about the fact that lions are Kings of the Jungle.

Four photos went viral on social media, showing how a terrified lion climbed up a tree at Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya. The lion was heavily chased by herd of angry buffaloes in the jungle. Hyenas are one of the animals that usually give lions tough time. According to reports, the lion's life was saved; all thanks to the tree. 

According to gathered reports, the lion tried to attack one of the buffaloes. Out of anger and retaliation, other buffaloes came to the rescue of the other buffaloes. In the process, the lion was chased and forced to climb up a tree. After the lion had climbed up the tree, it started to show muscles by roaring loudly at the herd of buffaloes. 

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