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Sunday, March 14, 2021

(Video) FULL GIST: Reasons people of Haiti are protesting are HERE!

As we know, people of Haiti (Haitians) are currently protesting over high rise in cases of gangs, kidnappings and the evil deeds of the president, His Excellency, Jovenel Moise. According to reports, Moise's government is supporting the gangs responsible for the kidnappings of many innocent Haitians.

When Moise became the President of Haiti in 2006, he swore to eradicate Haiti's cycle of corruption and violence but he lied. Haitians are also angry because the American Government is supporting President Jovenel Moise with his evil policies.

A few American celebrities have lent their voices to the evil happenings going on in Haiti. Celebrities such as: Cardi B, Tory Lanez, Serena Williams, etc. Cardi B blamed the governments of third world countries for the undevelopments in their countries in her tweet.

Under the regime of President Jovenel, a gang known as, G9, was established. The gang linked to President Jovenel caused massacres in places, such as: Grand Ravine, Cite Soleil, Fort National and La Saline. According to the reporter of Vice News, it was reported that the G9 got linked to the President but Moise denied it.

A recorded report of a bike rider, Ronald Dufresne, who was killed during the protest by the policemen. He was shot and burnt to death during the protests. According to late Ronald's mother, she says her son went out for a $5 ride. She also revealed that she warned him not to go but he refused. He went out and never returned home alive. He was burnt to death. 

According to reports, the rate of kidnappings, murders and gang attacks rose to 200% after President Jovenel Moise took over as the new President of Haiti. President Moise is also not doing anything to stop the kidnappings. Due to the mass murders in many parts in Haiti, schools were forced to close till further notice. 

After Ronald was killed by the unidentified policemen, his body was taken away by the authorities of Haiti. In the end, his dead body was found in the place the authority buried him, without proper funeral rites. His body was recovered and taken to church and finally, to the cemetery, where he was laid to rest. His family managed to borrow $1,000 (one thousand dollars) for Ronald's burial rites. 

A popular Haitian activist, David Oxgene, blamed the US for supporting President Jovenel. He says that Moise is in power under the control of American imperialism. David slammed the USA (United States of America) for attacking the culture, the ancestors, voodoo of his country, Haiti. In the end, he says Joe Biden and Donald Trump are the same because they support the evil works of President Jovenel Moise. 

Video Credit: Vice News

Video below:

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