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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

(Video) Nigerian guys plan to eat a witch in form of a Owl

A barn owl was seen in Abraka, Delta State, yesterday by three Nigerians. According to the men, they believe the bird is evil, belongs to a witchcraft coven and dangerous. Superstitious belief? - No, some things aren't superstitious belief but spiritual.

In the trending video, a barn owl was seen in a compound of three guys. One of the guys tells the bird that its evil power is finished. Nigerians saw the video and began to react. Some Nigerians begged the guys not to eat the bird, while some Nigerians told the guys to kill and eat the bird. 

Recall a story of an expensive fish that went viral after it was caught by a fisherman; but was later eaten by his villagers. In the same video, another guy told the barn owl to reveal its form; like changing back to human so that they won't eat it. In the end, the bird shook its head. 

Video below:

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