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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

(Video) Police officer drags car key with an obedient driver in Kano State

This unnecessary harassment from Police was what led to the great and tremendous protest in October 2020 - The End SARS protests. Police brutality still hasn't stopped and might not stop if something isn't done again.

In a trending video, a police officer is seen dragging a car key with a driver in Kano State. According to the camera man, he revealed that the driver had agreed to follow the police man to the station. Why he was still dragging the car key was still a misery to the cameraman. 


Cameraman: Ah ah
Officer: Shey you've decided to drag with me?
CM: Sir, you're the one dragging with him. You said we should follow you to the office, and he complied. Why are you dragging with him? Ah ahn!
Officer: On God, if my uniform gets torn, we will fight for real
CM:Sir, What is it?
Officer: Oya let go of it! 

Video below:

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